Top 10 Profound Life Changes You Can Experience by Meditating

Though meditation has been around for thousands of years, it’s only now that meditation is becoming mainstream. Even the conservative medical community is singing the praises of meditation. Meditation is a simple and free tool that can enhance your life in many ways. If you’ve considered meditation but decided against it, now is the time … Continue reading Top 10 Profound Life Changes You Can Experience by Meditating

Think & Grow Rich

Taken from Think & Grow Rich (which I encourage everyone to read at least once). Stated in the words of a famous criminologist, "When men first come into contact with crime, they abhor it. If they remain in contact with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it, and endure it. If they remain in contact with it long enough, they finally embrace it, … Continue reading Think & Grow Rich

Dating Scams/Romance Scams/Online Dating Scams

I know I've done a post like this before - and I'm hearing many stories of people of a certain age falling prey to scammers. As the cost of living rises, it appears the morals of scammers fall. I don't know who needs to hear this but listen. You are beautiful/handsome. You do look like … Continue reading Dating Scams/Romance Scams/Online Dating Scams


IS YOUR HEALING PATH CALLING YOU OUT? Answer (TRUE) or (FALSE) to the following statements. I tend to be very empathetic, feel deep emotions or physical sensations as I engage and interact with others. (T or F) So many people and at times even strangers, tend to confide in me with their problems. Take a … Continue reading IS YOUR HEALING PATH CALLING YOU OUT?

Make Yourself A Priority

When things start to look bleak and money worries begin to mount, usually the first thing we stop spending on positively is ourselves. Everything else is a priority. And at the same time, there's an increase in alcohol consumption, and other placebos too. I am not the moral police. I can't tell anyone how to … Continue reading Make Yourself A Priority

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May 2022) starts today, with the focus on loneliness. Loneliness affects millions of people, and many people are afraid to speak up about how they feel, believing that it's embarrassing to admit to being lonely. Today is as good a day as any to reach out to someone you haven't … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week

13 Questions to change your life

13 Questions for your journal. It's best to do these at a time when you are feeling most comfortable and you know you won't be disturbed (If you aren't familiar with the concept and power of journalling, contact me for a free info starter pack). What are my strengths?What are my short term goals?What are … Continue reading 13 Questions to change your life

It’s Easier Than You Think

Connecting to your Higher Self is easier than you think. And, as our 3D world shows us, it is often difficult to find the strength, peace, understanding and inspiration we need to live our lives happily. But just try this for a week. Find somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed (preferably out in nature … Continue reading It’s Easier Than You Think

Growing Up with Abusive Parents: Learning to Love Yourself Again

Childhood trauma, such as from severe neglect or abuse, generates strong emotions. When you do not or cannot process those feelings, they become embedded in your mind and influence your behaviours as well as how you feel about yourself. Healing from childhood abuse and learning to love yourself again is possible when you process and … Continue reading Growing Up with Abusive Parents: Learning to Love Yourself Again


Answer (TRUE) or (FALSE) to the following statements. • I tend to be very empathetic, feel deep emotions or physical sensations as I engage and interact with others. (T or F) • So many people and at times even strangers, tend to confide in me with their problems. Take a number! (T or F) • … Continue reading IS YOUR HEALING PATH CALLING YOU OUT?

Just breathe….

When we're tense, we tend to hunch our shoulders and keep the tension in there. This is your daily reminder to un-hunch your shoulders and just breathe....... In this moment, everything is all right. By taking time out to just breathe, you bring yourself back into alignment - into the space of infinite possibilities and … Continue reading Just breathe….

Success Hack

And this can be used for anything - from business success to self-esteem building. Just before going to bed, conceive and initiate your ideal day. Once you have gone through your diary and planned your next day, sit back and take a few minutes to imagine and visualise the entire day, from beginning to end. … Continue reading Success Hack

Not All Blessings Come Gift-Wrapped

Some come in the shape of hard lessons and painful endings. Or changes to your life circumstances you hadn't envisaged. And whilst it is difficult to envisage something good from a situation that has literally devastated you, the blessing could come from people and events outside of the situation. A re-kindled friendship/family relationship, courage, strength … Continue reading Not All Blessings Come Gift-Wrapped

Don’t Wait Until It’s Not OK…

Reach out to someone if you need to. Ask for help if you need it. I'm sorry to say that you've been lied to if you were told that asking for help makes you look weak. It doesn't. Quite the opposite in fact. Asking for help when you feel you need it is not a … Continue reading Don’t Wait Until It’s Not OK…

Raising Your Vibration

Is a lot easier said than done, right? Just when you think you're in an "OK" place, something happens to throw you completely off-kilter. It may be what's happening in the world, your work, your household, your heart. How can you be happy when all around you, the world is falling apart. Firstly, raising your … Continue reading Raising Your Vibration

From Confusion to Clarity

What is going on for you? What situation do you need to resolve right now? How can you make things right? Sit somewhere quiet. Get acquainted with your breath. Right now it's shallow. We need to regularise it. Breathe in - to the count of 4. Hold for the count of 4. Breathe out - … Continue reading From Confusion to Clarity

SOULL* Healing – Get Enough Sleep

Sleep. #beautysleep High up on the self-care list, but did you know that sleep also has a spiritual benefit? During sleep we re-align and re-calibrate and if we allow it, we can can on our own Spiritual Team to work with us. After all, when we sleep we are more accessible to higher energies. And … Continue reading SOULL* Healing – Get Enough Sleep

4 Simple Steps to Having a Great Day

It's very easy to get caught up in negativity. I mean, most of the time it's around you anyway. We speak negatively about the weather - even if it's good, of what's happened in our day (aka: gossip), of what's happening in the news, etc. However, by implementing these four little steps, you'll find yourself … Continue reading 4 Simple Steps to Having a Great Day

Fab Feb

What a great start to February...... Chinese (Lunar) New Year - The Year of The Tiger End of Mercury Retrograde (Thursday 3rd) Today's New Moon Imbolc (St Brigid's Day) This is a time for new opportunities, for setting a firm intention behind your goals and for cleansing mind, body, spirit by healing the past. February … Continue reading Fab Feb


Spirituality can be defined in a wide variety of ways. For many seekers it’s about connecting with something greater than yourself. You might call it God, the universe, ornature. Whatever words you choose to describe it, it’s an experience that gives deeper meaning to your daily routines and ordinary actions. While searching for something sacred … Continue reading 15 SURPRISING WAYS TO LIVE MORE SPIRITUALLY.

Temporary Fixes Can Create Longer Term Problems

Emotional pain is, at best, uncomfortable and at worst, pretty dam painful. And we're not taught how to go through them. Mostly we learn how to skirt round them, how to drown out the "noise" of emotions wanting to be acknowledged or, sometimes damagingly, how to numb ourselves so we don't have to feel. Think … Continue reading Temporary Fixes Can Create Longer Term Problems

Reflection produces growth

Although thinking about the past means looking back, you can find value in it for your path forward. Reflection produces growth and makes each step forward more informed, more balanced. At the end of each day, reflect on your experiences. As you make time in your evening routine to reflect on your experiences and assess … Continue reading Reflection produces growth

For The Hard Days

You've got this. What kept me sane was knowing that things would change and it was a question of keeping myself together until they did.Nina Simone. And in the meantime, don't forget how far you've come already. And all the things you've gotten through. All the times that you've pushed on, even when you felt … Continue reading For The Hard Days

What’s your relationship (or lack of) teaching you?

What happiness feels like?What anger/resentment/hurt/loneliness feels like?What contentment feels like?What forgiveness feels like?What unforgiveness feels like?What confidence feels like?What lack of confidence feels like?What fear feels like? If you feel less than in your relationship or less than because you are not in/no longer in a relationship, it's time to tidy up your self-esteem aura. … Continue reading What’s your relationship (or lack of) teaching you?

7 Ways to Enhance Self-Love

It is so much easier to make your way through the world and build strong relationships if you love yourself. Perhaps the greatest struggle we all face is the struggle to accept and love ourselves in spite of our many flaws. This isn’t something that’s likely to happen without a little work, though, because we … Continue reading 7 Ways to Enhance Self-Love

When Therapy Doesn’t Work

"I spent hard-earned money, seeing a therapist every week, and spilling my guts out and I'm still in the same place as I were before. Admittedly, I've learned a few "shortcuts" along the way, and there were some days that I actually did feel a little better, but on the whole, it didn't work out … Continue reading When Therapy Doesn’t Work

Can Affirmations Get You Through Christmas?

Christmas can be a brilliant time if you have nothing to worry about - no job/money/health issues or challenges. But if you're wondering how you're going to get through Christmas AND the New Year, I know the frustrations and anxieties that are bubbling beneath the surface. Faced with "false cheer" and entreaties to "forget" about … Continue reading Can Affirmations Get You Through Christmas?

A New Perspective On Failure

Failing at something doesn't make you a failure. Reframe that. Failing at something makes you an experimenter, an inventor, a creator. Because now you have evidential data on what you need to do to get a better result. And that will give you the stepping stones to success. Congratulations!

The Healing Power of “NO!”

"NO" is such a powerful word. To coin a phrase, it's a badass! Confidently used, it can literally stop a person in their tracks and make them re-think the next 24 hours of their life. "No" is a powerhouse. And no-one knows that more than a toddler who doesn't want to do something! Yet, over … Continue reading The Healing Power of “NO!”

What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

The stories we tell ourselves become our beliefs, our relationships, our rules, our boundaries and our experience of life. Ultimately, these stories (affirmations) either build or erode our self-esteem. What we think about with conviction and feeling, we bring about. Common stories we tell ourselves :- Relationships are hard. All the good men/women are taken. … Continue reading What Story Are You Telling Yourself?


This weekend, take the time to get out of your head (not get off your head!) and get back into your heart. Laughter, joy, family, friendship, love, enjoyment. Have a great weekend.

Giving Stuff Up

It can be challenging to change a habit, or let go of something you know is holding you back. Change does take time, and you can be easier on yourself by taking it one day at a time, one step at a time. Overwhelm is the key to failure. What has worked for me, and … Continue reading Giving Stuff Up

November’s Affirmation

Can't believe we're into November already! And with what's been happening, it is understandable if you haven't achieved everything you had set out to do this year. But the good news is that you can always start again and do what you can. In fact, every day gives you a new opportunity to start again. … Continue reading November’s Affirmation

SOULL HEALING: What’s your 5?

If you had a time machine and could go back in time to reverse 5 "poor" choices you feel you've made, what would they be? Before you start going down the sadness rabbit hole, reminiscing on how different your life might have been if....., take a pause. Would you have had the children you have? … Continue reading SOULL HEALING: What’s your 5?


Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard. Obesity is hard. Being fit is hard. Choose your hard. Being in debt is hard. Being solvent is hard. Choose your hard. Life isn't always going to be easy. Sometimes it may get hard. But we can choose our hard. Choose wisely. Soull Healing - A … Continue reading SOULL HEALING – CHOOSE YOUR HARD

SOULL HEALING : I deserve to be loved and cherished.

I am invested in my own life. I seek to make a positive impact on others however I can. I look for work that sustains me. I surround myself with caring people. I contribute to the lives of others in helpful and important ways. Yet, even if I did none of these things, I would … Continue reading SOULL HEALING : I deserve to be loved and cherished.

SOULL HEALING – I practice daily self-forgiveness.

Each day, I remember to forgive myself. I am only human, and therefore I sometimes make decisions that I might not choose again, if the situation arose a second time. This is a natural part of life. Therefore, I practice daily self-forgiveness. If I ever find anger in my heart, I first ask myself why … Continue reading SOULL HEALING – I practice daily self-forgiveness.

SOULL Healing – Blame

Until you quit the cycle of blame, you'll be attached energetically, emotionally and spiritually to every person you have assigned blame to. When you blame, you hurt. The pain and the perpetrator are energetically attached to you. Daily. Releasing blame allows your heart to open to forgiveness, strength, responsibility and empowerment. It cuts you adrift … Continue reading SOULL Healing – Blame


So what is SOULL? SOULL stands for (a) Spiritual Odyssey into Understanding Life and Love. SOULL Healing takes you on a healing journey - from whatever starting point you are at now, clearing up any old and unwanted blocks along the way . Without the “Happy Clappy”! Happy Clappy was the phrase that one of … Continue reading SOULL HEALING / SOULL JOURNEYS

Believe in magic

One of the best things you can do, right now, is to believe in magic - the magic of the Universe, the magic of the Law of Attraction and the magic you have within yourself to create the outcomes you want. Well, when I say believe, it's more like trusting that there is magic. And, … Continue reading Believe in magic

If you……. then I’ll…….

This simple sentence is a contract that is often unconsciously created with people, and it can have a disastrous effect on your life. Everyone creates unconscious contracts, from childhood through to adulthood. We create conditions which rely on other people to perform certain actions in order for us to feel certain emotions. In fact, we … Continue reading If you……. then I’ll…….

Accessing Your Spiritual Guidance

Over the last 10 years, I have been working with individuals, couples and families, as well as business relationships as a Life Coach and now as a Spiritual Life Coach. Throughout my work, I discovered that there is no real healing without a personal connection with a source of spiritual guidance. And over the past … Continue reading Accessing Your Spiritual Guidance


You may long to be in a relationship, but not all relationships are created equal. Some relationships cause more grief than they’re worth. While being alone can be a bit of a downer, it can be preferable to being in a toxic relationship. Ask yourself if your relationship is enhancing your life or making it … Continue reading ARE YOU IN A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP? BEWARE OF THESE SIGNS

Overcome Jealousy and Possessiveness

Have you ever found yourself battling feelings of jealousy and possessiveness? These are the two major factors in the destruction of romantic relationships.  However being aware of your behaviours and making the decision to change is half the battle! After that, practising the strategies below can rid you of these negative feelings so you can … Continue reading Overcome Jealousy and Possessiveness

Top 10 Habits of Couples in Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships share several commonalities. By adopting these successful relationship habits, you can help to ensure the future of your own relationship. Many of the habits may seem like common sense, but you’re probably not doing all of them! After a while, all relationships fall into a routine. Here are 10 ways to strengthen your … Continue reading Top 10 Habits of Couples in Healthy Relationships

Eliminating Toxic Relationships

We've probably all had to endure a toxic relationship at some point in our life.   When we think of toxic relationships, we think of narcissistic abusers, people who try to manipulate you into feeling the same shame and guilt that they're living with.  However, there are also more subtle forms of toxic relationship traits.  The … Continue reading Eliminating Toxic Relationships

Does Love Island have a “toxic men” problem?

Asks The Independent this morning? Not just men. Love Island, 90 Day Fiance, Married at First Sight all seem to have a toxic view on relationships - in general. The idea that everlasting love is immediate (or at least 6 weeks in a bubble) is a theme. Relationships that flourish do so without the constant … Continue reading Does Love Island have a “toxic men” problem?

If you don’t heal what hurt you

Learn why releasing the pain of the past is so difficult. And the one thing that might be holding you back from healing.

Top 10 Self-Confidence Building Tips

 A lack of confidence can affect every area of your life, from job performance to personal relationships. In reality, how you perceive yourself has a powerful impact on how others treat you. Some factors in bolstering self-confidence may be beyond your control, but there are some very tangible things that you can do as well. … Continue reading Top 10 Self-Confidence Building Tips

He won’t thank you for this…..

Give the father figure in your life something different this year. For Fathers Day 2022, give him the gift of an E-card for a life coaching session. He'll tell you he doesn't need it. He'll tell you he's never going to use it. He'll give you all the reasons why you wasted your money. … Continue reading He won’t thank you for this…..

Seeking help doesn’t mean you’re a failure

Seeking help doesn't mean you're a failure. It simply means that you have a problem you just can't solve by yourself. And we all get them, that one conundrum that has either too many options or not enough. Friends, family - even the cat can be good listeners and even great problem solvers. But sometimes, … Continue reading Seeking help doesn’t mean you’re a failure


I've been dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Dammit! The good thing is that it's by popular demand, (good right?) The not-so-good thing is that the set-up is not quite complete and there are a few hiccups, but please bear with me. Automating my appointments and payments is not something I easily understand. … Continue reading Finally…..